Trump trial updates: Trump says he didn’t testify at hush money trial because of

Donald Trump to hold Bronx rally

Donald Trump has offered a garbled explanation as to why he ultimately declined to testify at his New York hush money trial, citing his “past” and telling a conservative radio host that he feared political bias against him. He also almost broke his gag order by criticising Manhattan prosecutor Matthew Colangelo.

Meanwhile, crowds are gathering for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s latest 2024 campaign rally in Crotona Park in New York City’s South Bronx, the first time that he has rallied in his hometown for eight years.

Mr Trump trailed the event on his Truth Social platform by pledging to “Make New York Great Again!!!” and promising: “Far Lower Taxes, Safe, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Good Schools, and everything else that goes towards the American Dream!”

On Wednesday, a hearing in Mr Trump’s classified documents case in Florida devolved into a chaotic shouting match as two lawyers fought over claims of a threat allegedly made to a defense attorney.

The hearing had been scheduled on behalf of Walt Nauta, the former president’s co-defendant and valet, to share arguments that the office of Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith had vindictively and selectively charged him with offenses.


Trump: ‘If a New Yorker can’t save this country, no one can’

Donald Trump told cheering crowds at a rally in South Bronx that “if a New Yorker can’t save this country, no one can”.

The president, who was born in the New York borough of Queens, told crowds he had come to “talk about solving problems”.

“The simple fact is Joe Biden is not getting the job done for the Bronx. He’s not getting the job done for New York, and he’s not getting the job done for America,” he said.

“He is incompetent ladies and gentlemen. He is grossly incompetent. I will get the job done as I did for four years and I will get it done fast.”

He added: “And remember this: if a New Yorker can’t save this country, no one can.”

Mike Bedigan24 May 2024 00:03


‘Rally not about Trump’ says man in Trump shirt and Trump hat

Speaking to conservative media outlet RSBN, said the rally in the Bronx was “not about Trump”.

The man, who was wearning a T-shirt with the president’s infamous mugshot and what appeared to be a Maga hat, said he would like to see the GOP “step it up” in the New York borough, after years of stagnant Democratic action.

“The pressure is on. If you could see the line to get in here right now, it’s like hour plus long,” the man said.

“There’s a lot of people coming out here and it looks so diverse. It looks amazing. It looks beautiful. And it’s just defeating every narrative there is. And Democrats are about to have a hard time in November because now New Yorkers are probably going to wake up and start asking who are the politicians representing me?

“And I think it’s this is not about Trump. This is about the strategy of Trump coming here putting pressure on them.

“Democrats, they’ve…

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