Chris Brown and Quavo Release Diss Tracks About Rihanna, Saweetie

It’s Tuesday, April 23rd, and the beef and wins in hip hop just doesn’t stop. Chris Brown & Quavo have released diss tracks at each other, but it looks like Chris is unimpressed with Quavo’s comeback. If that wasn’t enough, Saweetie chimed in to diss ex- boyfriend, Quavo, too. Childish Gambino previewed some new music last night and has Ye & Kid Cudi as features on the new music. Pitbull is hitting the road again and this time he’s taking T-Pain with him on his Party After Dark Tour. Chart celebrations are making their rounds with your favorites in music including Hozier, Metro Boomin and Sabrina Carpenter. WILLOW shares 5 Things You Didn’t Know about her new single, “b i g f e e l i n g s.” The Black Keys talk to us about their new album ‘Ohio Players,’ collabing with Juicy J & More!

Tetris Kelly
Chris Brown and Quavo’s explosive feud, Quavo is in Saweetie’s dms, Childish Gambino features Ye and Kid Cudi and Pitbull and T-Pain hit the streets. We got WILLOW in the studio, watch people celebrate our charts and also chill with The Black Keys. It’s Tuesday, April 23rd, I’m Tetris and this is Billboard News. There’s a lot going on in Hip-Hop we need to get through today, plus some pretty cool guests. So let’s jump in.

Tetris Kelly
Oh snap Quavo and Chris Brown have been at each other’s necks on some diss tracks, but is Chris calling it quits. I’m breaking the whole thing down. It all started on a track “Freak” from Chris’s ’11:11 (Deluxe)’ where he brings up Quavo fcking his old btches. Referring to Kareuchi Tran someone they have both dated and ignited this entire feud. Quavo responded with “Tender.”

Tetris Kelly
Of course Quavo brought up Chris’s violence towards Rihanna, in which Chris then brought up Quavo’s violence towards ex Saweetie and alludes to sleeping with her on his response track “The Weakest Link” saying Quavo was the weakest member of Migos. Well it doesn’t stop there Quavo released a response yes calling Chris a crackhead Michael Jackson. But also using a verse from the late member Takeoff.

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