Simple Flying Acquires Airbus A380 For London Office Space


  • Simple Flying acquired an Airbus A380 for London office space on a barge in the Thames.
  • The aircraft’s interior includes open-plan offices, meeting rooms, apartments, gym, and bar.



Simple Flying today reveals that it has acquired an Airbus A380 to use as its London office space. The aircraft will be positioned on a barge in the River Thames. The setup will resemble the Concorde at New York’s Intrepid Museum.

The Airbus A380 is one of the world’s most popular and iconic aircraft. With two passenger decks and a cargo deck, the giant of the skies has the capability to offer a mix of open-plan office space, meeting rooms, and even an apartment or two for those working late to cover news across all timezones.

Simple Flying

Founded in 2018, Simple Flying aims to provide a one-stop hub for all the key stories on commercial aviation.

Date Founded
June 25, 2018

Headquarters Location
London, United Kingdom

Segmenting the cabin

Final plans for the interior of the cabin still need to be finalized, though the Simple Flying team is already deep in discussions to decide exactly how the space will be used.

A380 Office Space

Photo: Simple Flying

The bulk of the lower deck is currently earmarked to be turned into open-plan office space, with the very rear section being turned into a kitchen. Simple Flying intends to contract a local airline to provide airline-style lunches to employees and guests. There will also be the possibility of reheating frozen pizzas using heat from running the aircraft’s engines.

Taking inspiration from “The Residence” apartment onboard Etihad’s Airbus A380s, The team intends to provide between four to six smaller fully equipped apartments for staff to use if working late or visiting London from abroad.

A380 Apartment

Photo: Simple Flying

A gym, laundry facilities, and a bar will also be on the upper deck. Finally, the aircraft’s cockpit is set to be turned into an executive meeting room.

A380 cockpit office

Photo: Simple Flying

Moored on the Thames

Simple Flying intends to base its flagship London office on a barge on the River Thames. The company is in advanced negotiations with the Greater London Authority and the London Eye, with a view to moor the aircraft adjacent to the latter.

Commenting on the acquisition, Simple Flying’s Content Manager, Tom Boon, remarked,

“It is hugely exciting to be acquiring this huge aircraft as a new base for Simple Flying content. The giant aircraft will allow us to bring a whole new meaning for The Simple Flying Podcast, while allowing for meetings with airlines around the world.”

Which Airbus A380?

The big question is, which aircraft will Simple Flying take as its new flagship London Office? Unfortunately, for legal reasons, we are not currently at liberty to disclose the MSN of the aircraft in question, though acquisition talks are in an advanced stage.

Simple Flying A380 Livery

Photo: Simple Flying

Once all the Is are crossed and the Ts dotted, Simple Flying intends to adorn the aircraft with the registration A-FOOL. The plane will be fully repainted in the Simple Flying blue color, with the…

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