Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 Reclaims Pre-Pandemic Grandeur

MadeIn Gallery, Courtesy of Art Basel

The 11th edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, a leading event in Asia’s art market, wrapped up this weekend, showcasing a significant rebound to its pre-pandemic glory. For the first time since 2019, the fair resumed its full scale, attracting a record number of 242 galleries from across the globe, including 69 returning and 23 first-time participants. The fair, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 28 to 30, 2024, attracted over 75,000 visitors, signifying its importance as a hub for the Asian art scene.

This year’s edition, distinguished for offering a panoramic view of Asia–Pacific’s artistic diversity, had more than half of its exhibitors originating from the region. The event was marked by the presence of notable art patrons and private collectors from 72 countries, alongside representatives from over 100 leading museums and foundations worldwide, reflecting the global appeal and significance of Art Basel Hong Kong.

David Zwirner, Courtesy of Art Basel

The fair’s broad array of participants included prestigious institutions such as Asia Art Archive, M+, and Tai Kwun in Hong Kong, alongside international stalwarts like Tate in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Centre Pompidou in Paris. These participations underscored the event’s role in fostering global dialogues within the art world.


Adding to the cultural vibrancy, Art Basel Hong Kong introduced a wide-ranging, complimentary public program in collaboration with top-notch local institutions, such as M+ and Tai Kwun. Highlighting this initiative, Tai Kwun hosted the Artists’ Night, an event celebrating experimental artists from the region, further emphasizing Hong Kong’s cultural dynamism and its pivotal position in the art world.

Kaikai Kiki Gallery, Courtesy of Art Basel

In a significant announcement, Art Basel Hong Kong revealed the inauguration of the MGM Discoveries Art Prize for 2025. This new prize aims to support emerging artists, underlining the fair’s commitment to nurturing new talent in the art community.

Angelle Siyang-Le, the Director of Art Basel Hong Kong, lauded the 2024 edition for bringing the art world together in Hong Kong, praising the collaborative efforts of galleries, artists, and cultural institutions that ensured the event’s success. She highlighted the fair’s role in reflecting the energetic and diverse nature of Hong Kong, serving as a crucial meeting point for traditional and avant-garde art forms.

Kasmin, Courtesy of Art Basel

The Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 was a commercial success, with galleries reporting significant sales across various market segments, featuring both renowned and emerging artists from the Asia–Pacific region and beyond. The event also showcased a landmark architectural film by Chinese artist Yang Fudong, presented by UBS and co-commissioned with M+, adding a contemporary edge to the fair’s offerings.

Rachel Monosov, Catinca Tabacaru, Courtesy of Art Basel

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