American Airlines Karen Demands Window Seat For Son, Cabin Crew Complied By

American Airlines Karen Demands Window Seat For Son, Cabin Crew Complied By Upgrading Her Victim

An American Airlines passenger, dubbed a Karen on reddit, demanded that a passenger assigned to a window seat move so that her child could have it, became extremely abusive. The woman threatened to sue the airline, and to sue the passenger at the window, when he wouldn’t move.

Finally cabin crew gave into the woman’s demands, accommodating her insistence on the window seat for her kid – by upgrading the passenger who had the window seat to business class. That incensed passenger Karen even more.

The passengers were flying from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Miami. The flight was delayed two hours. Once everyone was on board the man seated himself at his assigned window. And the child “starts screaming about how he wanted the window seat.” The mom taps his arm.

[Mother] – Hi! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind changing seats with [son], as he is all excited about this plane ride and he’s been doing good on his grades!

[Window passenger] – Under other circumstances I would, but I have claustrophob[ia] and in Aisle I would freak out as soon as we take off (that’s bs). Sorry.

…[Mother] That’s a lie! The claustrophob[a] you have is fake. Just give the seat to my kid or else I’ll call the flight attendant.

…[Flight attendant] Is it everything alright?


[Mother] – Give me a second, mum will get it for you. “This entitled brat won’t give my precious [child] his seat because he is so entitled…to do anything right in his life!

The man insists on staying in his seat. He admits he made up the story about claustrophobia. And the mother demands that the flight attendant throw him off the aircraft or she’ll call her lawyers. She says she expects “an apology from him and the airline in a week, or else you’ll get sued!”

And the flight attendant.. agrees? “Ma’am, we’ll move this man as soon as possible.”

But she manages this by upgrading him to a window seat in business class. It’s not often there’s an empty seat in a premium cabin on American Airlines, and cabin crew don’t usually upgrade passengers either. The window seat passenger is happy to move away from being in the row with this woman.

However the mom really loses it at this point: “T-That’s not fair! He is the one that is behaving the worst! AND YOU’RE GIVING HIM A PRIZE! NOT FAIR!!”

The flight attendant threatened to have the mother and child removed from the aircraft, she threatened to sue, and another passenger unleashed a profanity-filled tirade at the woman. Finally the captain came out. She claimed to have “touched inappropriately.” The captain asked the family to exit the aircraft, and the woman threatened to sue him “SO BAD YOU’LL HAVE TO LIVE IN THE STREETS!”

The mother was ejected. The window seat passenger stayed in business class. The man in the window seat telling the story doesn’t actually mention the airline, but it would have been an American Airlines flight.

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