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Remember the bombs exploding at our borders during Trump’s presidency? Or the war in Israel under Trump? Or Americans being killed as we surrendered in Afghanistan under Trump? Or the invasion of Ukraine under Trump? Or scores of attacks on American bases under Trump? Or Americans being killed in Israel by Hamas under Trump? That’s right, neither do I.

Jane Batdorf

Companies offer sick pay so an employee won’t have to worry about missing work if he is sick or is involved in an accident. No company at which I worked allowed an employee who had accumulated sick time to receive sick time pay when he left that company. So, why do school districts pay administrators and/or teachers their sick time pay when they leave the district?

I can’t wait for the family get-togethers this holiday season. Especially looking forward to making fun of the once oh-so-smug low-intelligence Biden supporters who’ve infected our great patriotic family. The Biden presidency has been an unmitigated disaster and Donald Trump is well on his way to a second term.

Every Decent American

Stay Tuned, aside from Phoenixville, which had massive amounts of cash to revitalize with, name one nearby post-industrial town, or city that doesn’t have empty storefronts. Matter of fact, there might be a couple of empty storefronts in Phoenixville too. Look, if you don’t like Pottstown the solution is simple, quit your complaining and move away already. Far away, please. We don’t need your negativity in Pottstown.

Change The Channel!

Brilliant move by Trump to release his own mental and physical health reports. It really puts even more pressure on the Biden team to respond. Trump needs to campaign from the basement and let the Biden follies stay out in the news. Trump will win in a landslide!


Column by left-winger S.E.Cupp blamed Trump and Republicans for fist fights in the Capitol. It’s become a running joke that everything is blamed on Trump! What do you call what the squad sounds like? I have never heard any of them talk without yelling. Look both ways, my dear!


When the DNC puppet masters recruited Biden to be their unwitting straw man, they told him to do what he was told and it’ll be like an extended vacation. Now he’s dealing with raging global conflicts, an unfettered illegal migrant invasion, crashed economy, rampant antisemitism, terrorist attacks on US soil, out-of-control inflation, historically high mortgage rates, gas prices double what they were in 2020, etc. Obviously, this isn’t what Sleepy Joe signed up for.


Unmentioned in Republican condemnation of illegal immigration are the globalists within their ranks who share an open-borders vision with Democrats. Their motivation for doing so appears rooted in accommodating the interests of a corporate donor class that has, for the time being, aligned with the political left. Governor Ron DeSantis was lambasted by The Chamber of Commerce for his advocacy of E-verify screening in the employee hiring process.

M. Furlong

Thanks to Joe Biden and Democrat legislators. In Pennsylvania, $13.8 billion in funding has been announced, with over 331…

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