Some Pixel 8 Pro displays have bumps under the glass

Some Pixel 8 Pro owners have noticed circular bumps in several places on the screen that look to be the result of something pressing up against the underside, which is soft and fragile, of the 6.7-inch OLED panel. 

There is no impact to the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 cover glass. One possibility is that the uneven surface the display rests on made the indents. Teardowns appear to confirm the positioning of some components that could be pressing up on the underside of the screen. Another thing to consider would be something in the manufacturing process making the indents. 

There is currently no impact on Pixel 8 Pro touch functionality or image quality, while the bumps are not really visible unless you look for them at the correct angle in optimal lighting. However, the concern some people have is that the bumps/indents will worsen over time to the point it damages the display. 

The bumps appear, with some consistency, on the top edge across several images shared to a community thread by multiple owners. Two of the mounds appear to the left of the front-facing camera and another to the right. There are some more on the left and right edge close to the perimeter. 

There are dozens of reports, and some have already reached out to Google for a replacement. I have personally not noticed this on my Pixel 8 Pro, and it’s not clear if this is a widespread issue. The RMA devices, however, have the same issue, so there’s no point. Others are calling for an extended warranty in case this problem worsens.

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